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The Connecticut Real Estate market breaks into multiple sectors

The Connecticut Real Estate market breaks into multiple sectors: Greater New Haven, Fairfield County, The Hartford Region, New Haven Shoreline, New London and the Casino areas, and each of these markets breaks differently. Hartford, commercially, is undergoing a rebirth. The Convention Center is a draw. Downtown luxury apartments which seem to be hitting big in New Haven are on Hartford's horizon. A vibrant downtown is repeatedly proven to be a boon to business in the area.

New Haven continues to thrive on Fairfield County feeders, business owners and home buyers moving up the coast. And the casinos, as everyone knows are changing the face of Connecticut's ,""quiet corner,"". If Utopia gets off the ground, the tourist industry in our state will never be the same. Commercial Real Estate values from Milford east continue to hold steady and property sale prices still surprise small business owners who wonder why they didn't buy five or six years ago. For market specific information about your building, land to purchase, your lease rates and how they compare with market rates, contact us today

January 4, 2006

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Connecticut real estate: what's hot and not.

The Commercial Real Estate Investment Market in Connecticut especially on the I-91 and I-95 corridors is as hot as ever. Entrepreneurs buying new homes for their businesses keep the purchase market hopping. Small suburban offices and flex spaces top the list of properties that spend little time with the ,""For Sale,"" sign out front. The office leasing market is still slow, but in downtown New Haven, sales of smaller buildings office or otherwise are brisk. Prices remain aggressive and Buyers are still buying. Real Estate Sales to service industry businesses: electricians, painting contractors, plumbers, cleaners are hot. Flex buildings where at least half the space is comprised of warehouse dominates the market for industries the Bio-Tech, R & D Industries, Regional Sales Offices, IT companies and more. In the Connecticut Commercial Real Estate Market, in and around New Haven County, sales are hot. Leasing is booming. The Investor who is feeling a squeeze is the Office Landlord

January 16, 2006

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Looking for Commercial Real Estate in Connecticut?

Looking for Commercial Real Estate in New Haven County? It's a different market than Fairfield County.

In Stamford, Office Vacancy, runs at about 4 million square feet. In New Haven the entire office market is 4 million square feet. Royal Ahold, the Netherlands based company which owns Stop & Shop Supermarkets just announced the sale and closure of one of the county's largest distribution center. At 500,000 square feet the Stop & Shop distribution center is less than half the size of distribution centers in markets like Memphis, Wichita or Chicago. While retail leases on Greenwich Avenue hover near the $200 a square foot mark, on New Haven retailer set a record at less than $100 a square foot. Just as New Haven is a city and an entity made up of neighborhoods. The Commercial Real Estate Market in Connecticut is made up of sectors each different and individual, as much defined by geography as by Tenant use


January 23, 2006

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Commercial Real Estate in New Haven's Central Business District is going to the homes.

Luxury Apartments and Condominiums continue to spring up in New Haven. A new small luxury development in Wooster Square is among the latest projects to continue New Haven's housing boom. Looking for a New York Loft in Connecticut? Check out the Johnson Simons building a stone's throw from the New Haven Green. One of the lofts has steel infrastructure built into your interior landscape. It looks as though a portion of a bridge was left behind for the imaginative to create an art piece, entertainment center, room divider or shelving system.

The other sector of the New Haven Commercial Real Estate Market that can't be stopped is in restaurants. Soon the Elm City will be home to another Irish Pub, brought to you by the same masterminds behind Anna Liffey's. The first floor of the Temple Street Garage will populated by four restaurants. Diner 21 recently opened to great reviews and Bella's Downtown has the same great breakfast and lunch lauded by fans of the original Bella Rosa's in Westville. Criterion Cinemas still searches for the right restaurants to compliment the show, but it's only a matter of time. It's a great time for the Commercial Real Estate Market in New Haven

January 24, 2006

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