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The Geenty Group, Realtors is guided by the belief that representing Buyers, Sellers, Tenants and Landlords, is grounded in relationships. That’s why we call ourselves, “A Relationship Company.” Our Services extend beyond signing on the dotted line, whether we are providing our clients with the names of environmental firms, or putting them in touch with office furniture and data providers or finding a home for the newly relocated family, we strive to provide our clients with all the services that they expect, and some they don’t, from a Full Service Real Estate Firm.

Broker’s Opinion of Property Value

Prior to Listing a Property For Sale or For Lease, the Value of the Property must be determined. We use our market knowledge, as well as, our commercial real estate databases, including the Commercial Multiple Listing Service, and our knowledge of depreciation, functional obsolescence and demand, to determine an Opinion of Value for a subject property. As Realtors, this is a market service that we regularly provide to potential clients without charge. We believe that providing our Opinion of Value to our future clients, not only helps the client, but it helps us by expanding our market knowledge. Often, people ask us to evaluate their property, but do not list their property for sale or lease until a later date.

Listing Your Property for Sale/Lease

As Commercial/Industrial Specialists, the Geenty Group, Realtors takes special pride in our ability to list properties on the market and successfully Close the Sale or Lease in a timely manner.

When Listing a Property for Sale or Lease, we inspect the subject property, noting features, which will affect the price either positively or negatively. Ceiling heights, power capabilities inside the building, wiring for high-speed computer use, the building’s age and condition are all factors taken into consideration. Then, we present the owner with a package that, not only, includes our recommendation of a Sale or Lease price that will produce results, but we also outline a marketing plan. The plan includes, but is not limited to subscription property databases, the Commercial Multiple Listing Service, Advertising, and Brochures and Fliers.

We consistently close Sales and Leases by working with our fellow Commercial Brokers and Agents. Our priority is taking the “Available” sign off the building. Working with Agents, both local and nationwide, increases our opportunities to move product. We exceed the national average for co-broking property Sales and Leases with agents outside our company by 32%.

Buyer Representation

Buyer Representation: Commercial Real Estate Brokerage has changed over the past few years, just as Residential Real Estate Brokerage has. Now, agents represent the interests of not just sellers but Buyers too. With Buyer representation, Buyers have the opportunity to sign an exclusive agreement with our agency just as Sellers do. Through this agreement, we work exclusively for the Buyer finding properties that fit their Commercial or Industrial needs (for anywhere from one week, to one year, one property to a hundred). The Buyer has the added benefit of knowing that we are working to find them the ideal Office, High-Tech or Industrial site. We report to them, every site, which we find. We don’t look at only our listings we search all the available properties on the market, as well as, numerous properties which are not actively on the market, or are being offered directly by their owners.

Further, when we speak to customers who have unique space needs, we have a better chance of finding the best space fit by looking at properties not on the market. When we speak to Buyers about unlisted properties, we ask that the Buyer guarantee our commission payment. While this may scare some Buyers, in truth, it is a benefit. By paying our commission , the Buyer widens the net of possible sites that we can consider. Also, Buyers nearly always pay the commission in one form or another at the closing table. For more information about Buyers paying brokerage commission, see our FAQ page.

Tenant Representation

In the same way that Buyer Representation has evolved, so has Commercial/Industrial Tenant Representation. An agent who represents a Tenant, works to find each and every property on the market that fits the Tenant’s needs. Signing an agreement and formalizing the relationship works to the Tenant’s benefit, in that, they are more readily able to hold the agent responsible for doing the job at hand. These agreements can last for a week to a year, one site to a hundred. Generally, agreements to represent a Tenant do not include commission arrangements.

Consultation Services

With over 50 years of combined experience, members of The Geenty Group, Realtors have made consulting a nearly integral part of our services. When it comes to Commercial/Industrial Real Estate, signing the Lease or the Purchase and Sale Agreement is just the beginning. The following are items where we will lend a hand:

Phase I: Part of the Industrial Revolution’s Legacy is contamination. A Phase I survey (or Site Assessment) is necessary in the State of Connecticut when Industrial or Commercial property is transferred. We keep a list of reputable Environmental Engineering Firms who provide these assessment services and put the property seller (who traditionally orders and pays for the survey) in touch with an Engineer at one of these companies. For more information about Phase I, II or III surveys, check our FAQ.

Construction: No matter how perfect a building is for a Tenant, there is always construction or demolition work to be done, whether it’s removing a hung ceiling, erecting a couple extra offices, replacing a roof, upgrading HVAC equipment or a myriad of other possibilities. We have knowledge, references and in some cases, relationships with licensed electricians, plumbers, general contractors and roofers. We often provide our clients with names and numbers of contractors who would likely bid on a project, and we look over bids with our clients, checking to make sure that a toilet is included with a lav, or a sink with a kitchenette, make sure that the depth of foundation for a new loading dock is spelled out, or, just what that roof warranty really means.

Beyond Furniture: Providing our clients with the names of reputable Office Furniture Purveyors, is just the beginning. For a back office use, we put some of our clients in touch with reputable used office furniture dealers. Need a conveyor system for your distribution concern. Recently we put one client in touch who needed racking and conveyance systems, in touch with the consultant who was liquidating trade assets for a failed company. Near new conveyance system for a greatly reduced price. We take the traditional channels, and move far beyond them.